What’s New? | May 2020

April was a busy month and May is only going to get busier! I really appreciate all the support for my EP since the release and I’ll be continuing promotion activity for the immediate future.

There have been some great remix competitions about lately and since it will take some time to plan the next release, I’ll be keeping the ball rolling with remixes and collaboration opportunities in the meantime.

Over the course of April I remixed songs by Seven Lions, Grimes, Felix Cartal and Simón Mejía. I am really happy with how they all turned out and we will see what this month brings by way of new remixes!

I have made playlists on YouTube and Soundcloud for my remixes. Go and check them out!

What’s New? | April 2020

Kicking off the month with a post-release promotion push for my new EP!

The response to “Ear Candy” has been overwhelmingly positive and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting me so far.

Shout-out to Mishka Dj for posting a great review of my EP on his website and sharing the release! His blog is written in Russian so I am using Google Translate to understand. The review signs off with “Отличная музыка для релаксации” which translates to “Great music for relaxation”, and I completely agree – especially with the tracks mentioned where the vocoder vocal is not present.

A track from the EP, “Dragons” entered the RepostExchange Top 40 underground music chart at position #20.

Results for the KINGDØMS – Senses remix contest are in and although my entry didn’t win, it was ranked #12 out of all entries and #1 from the UK! If you haven’t listened to it yet, check out the video below!

Lyric video for my remix of “Senses”

More remixes and videos on their way!

Product Updates

New Serum preset pack available! This comes with all of the presets that I created and used in the production of “Ear Candy” along with 6 wavetables for use in creating your own presets, each one crafted using a track from the EP.

Until further notice, I have stopped sale of shipped physical merchandise due to the ongoing pandemic, however once restrictions loosen – expect new merch!

Coronavirus Pandemic Updates

A global coronavirus pandemic has grounded flights across the world, local travel restrictions are in place across many countries and events have been cancelled or rescheduled.

Across countries worldwide there has been over 1.7 million reported cases, over 100,000 reported deaths and the world is scrambling for medical supplies. Closer to home, reports are saying nearly 9,000 people have died in the UK to date owing to the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

I talked about some of the potential implications of increased adherence to recommended social distancing measures and travel restrictions on the music industry in an earlier post. These strong measures are a significant disruption to not just the music industry, but across all sectors. However, they are the lesser of two evils. The pressure on healthcare and loss of life would be significantly greater than current levels without them.

It is encouraging to see creative minds working around circumstance and utilizing the available tools to continue doing what they do best. Live streams from isolating performers are common on all social platforms with this capability, which has grown into festivals being organised where these live streaming performers are brought into one place and given a set slot to perform in.

Music Industry | Coronavirus Information and Advice for UK Music Industry

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. This post is compiled from thorough research and the conclusions I reached based on that research.

Information on SARS-CoV-2 virus / COVID-19 disease

The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has exploded into a global pandemic. Many countries around the world are now in a state of emergency and trying to prepare themselves for the rough road ahead.

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2“Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

COVID-19 is not “just the flu”, a closer comparison can be made to the 2003 SARS epidemic. Current projections show that the virus is many times more likely to result in severe illness requiring hospitalization and potentially death when compared to regular seasonal flu, and it’s significantly more catching than a common cold.

While the majority of cases show those who are in general good health will be unlikely to require medical intervention, the elderly and those with underlying medical issues will have a significantly elevated risk of suffering severely or death.

Containment measures have not stopped the spread of the virus and healthcare systems around the world (including our own) are under-prepared for the potential effects of this outbreak at scale.

Behaviours need to change across the entire population in order to slow the spread of the virus to a manageable level, this will reduce the strain on our already stretched healthcare system.

UK Approach

The UK government guidance on this outbreak has been weak at best, at worst, dangerous. Anyone who has been paying attention to the unfolding situation is already implementing social distancing measures despite government resistance saying that “it’s too early”.

Though now the term “peacetime” is being used – as if to prepare us all for the upcoming “wartime” measures that will be rolled out following an emergency bill being pushed through parliament to give the government additional powers in an attempt to control the speed of the outbreak.

The main priority should be to avoid infecting those most at risk of severe illness, to save the lives of the vulnerable.

If you’re an employee with pre-existing health risks or getting on in age, you should strongly consider asking your employer if you are able to work remotely and self isolate.

In the upcoming weeks anyone over the age of 70 will likely be asked to self-isolate for months to prevent them catching the virus. If you have elderly friends and relatives, use social media or call them in order to check up on them regularly and make sure they have everything they need.

Live Events, Conferences and Travel

Live events and conferences both locally and internationally will be affected by the spread of this virus. As behaviours change, more people will opt to heed the warnings of experts and implement social distancing.

Metallica 13-07-2007 22.49.50“Metallica 13-07-2007 22.49.50” by Heini Samuelsen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Turnout to events will likely be lower if the events are to go ahead. Mass gatherings where there are a high density of people will need to have a thorough risk assessment done and chances are they should be cancelled.

International touring will become increasingly difficult, and potentially impossible as more travel restrictions are enforced.

This is not to say that there is no demand for music performances – quite the contrary. Music will be a great motivator through the turbulent times ahead, and will help many get through the ongoing isolation worldwide.

With current streaming technology it is possible to live stream video from anywhere with an internet connection. This can be used to connect and engage with audiences without coming into direct physical contact.

VR“VR” by gordonplant is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While traditional video stream is no true replacement to the experience of being at a live event, virtual reality (VR) technology is coming along in leaps and bounds. Currently, home VR is in the same price range as console gaming. It has become significantly more accessible as developments have been made in the field.

If you’re wondering how this relates to music, VR concerts are now a reality. As e-commerce integrates with VR, we will see merch stands at these virtual concerts that may take orders to ship to customers, or sell digital goods.

Working Collaboratively

The music industry involves a significant amount of working closely with others. Travel restrictions mean that it may become impossible to even get a few people together for a group jam session in the worse case scenario.

The internet will keep us all connected despite social distancing and potentially physical isolation, and there are many innovative creators that are developing solutions for problems faced by the music industry moving into a digital age.

Jammr is software in beta that enables musicians to jam together online in real time.

BandLab is a platform that allows musicians to work in a web-based DAW environment and make songs from each others recordings and projects.


Office spaces are up there with schools and conferences for population density. If your work environment has no set desk policies, then even more caution should be taken.

There may come a time where offices will need to be shut down. Businesses using office space should consider how to make remote working possible for any roles that could be completed remotely.

This may mean setting up VPN access to your network and providing laptops and headsets for employees who need them so they can work from home.

How to help

You can spread good hand washing practice using Wash Your Lyrics to generate an infographic poster with your lyrics on it!

Lyrics from “Keep On” by Another Enigma

Don’t stockpile excessively, other people need essentials too.

Please think before you buy“Please think before you buy” by duncan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

If you start to feel ill, you should self-isolate to prevent further spread of the infection.

Engage with people around you and keep morale up, as stress and depression will weaken your immune system.

What’s New? | March 2020

Music Updates

Last month was very busy and that theme will be continuing into the next couple of months with the upcoming release of “Ear Candy” on 31st March 2020.

The masters were sent for digital distribution in the middle of last month and I’m focused on pre-release promotion activity and getting everything ready for release day. All support and feedback received so far is greatly appreciated!

I’ve also just finished making a remix for a SKIO competition. The song is a really catchy new track from KINGDØMS called “Senses”. Listen to the original track and my remix below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

What’s New? | February 2019

EP News

I missed the last months update as I’ve been working hard on my upcoming EP “Ear Candy”.

First round of listening to all of the tracks in order and outside of the DAW, plenty of notes on what I need to clean up. Busy week coming up then off to the distributor next weekend for a 31st March release date, which should give 6 weeks to do pre-release promotion.

More Music Updates

There is demand for beats, so I’ll be committing some time each weekend to building a library of them. I’m thinking it might be a place to start building the YouTube channel for my label.

New Merch

Once upon a time, I had a sweater and a t-shirt available in the store. I took the t-shirt down because it turns out there would have been up to an 8 week wait for delivery (although the sample eventually arrived after 3 weeks) and the manufacturer for the sweaters suddenly became unavailable.

I have the sample for the t-shirt still and I wear it often. I like it and am considering bringing it back, but there is very little I can do about delivery times from manufacturers. If I do bring it back, I will make clear about potential delivery timescales.

As far as genuinely new merch goes, I’ve just brought out a new hoodie and it is very comfortable, arrived in around a week. This one is here to stay, available in three colours.

I got the charcoal hoodie (dark grey) but I’m probably going to get another one of each colour. You should do the same. Buying my merchandise supplements my personal investing in my music.

I’ve also made the Full Vocal Chain preset available as a standalone product, so it will always be available. Keep your eyes open for updates on the Giveaways page!

What’s New? | December 2019

Music Update

My remix of Gallant – Sharpest Edges has had over 1,000 plays on Soundcloud!

Huge thanks to everyone who has listened to and supported this track so far, I really appreciate it.

Blog Update

I’ve been very busy getting my upcoming EP ready, but with production winding down for the holidays as it nears completion I have a little more time to be thinking about the content for this blog.

Going forward the posts will have an educational and informative theme to them. I know there are many other people out there who are on a similar journey and I’d like to think that sharing my own experience will help.

Merch Update

The jumper and tee have been removed from the store. Alternatives are being looked into and should be available soon.

Due to the popularity of the FL Studio Patcher Full Vocal Chain preset, it will be made permanently available in the store as a standalone item in the next update of the free presets and will remain free until 31st January 2020, after which it will only cost £1.

What’s New? | November 2019

New Music

If you aren’t already familiar with The Big Lez Show, then make sure to check it out here.

This remix has been something I’ve planned to make for a long time and I’m really happy with the way it turned out! Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments and if you like it, show someone else who you think will appreciate it!

The upcoming EP is on track for release in early 2020, some of the songs are ready. Lots of work has been done and there is still lots more to do! Expect a new set of accompanying products to support the release of the EP, including a new preset pack and clothing!

Engagement & Promotion

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported the Sharpest Edges remix. This track has so far peaked at #20 on the Repost Exchange Dance & EDM Top 40 charts and has been fluctuating in position but staying in the chart for most of November!

For anyone looking to promote their music and grow their Soundcloud fan base, the results of using Repost Exchange’s Free Forever plan have been initially very positive.

It’s also pretty simple, you can listen to music on campaigns and repost songs from there or you can review songs sent directly to you in order to earn credits. Credits are used to either run a campaign yourself or send songs directly to other members. The cost in credits of each repost of your track is based on the amount of followers the member reposting your track has, and the amount of credits you earn for tracks you repost is based on the amount of followers you have. It is a fair and proportionate system that benefits all users in various ways.

I personally have seen an increase in followers of over 675% over the 2 months I’ve been using it so far. In real numbers, that is growing from 41 followers when starting to 277 followers at the time of writing this post. Hopefully that growth continues to scale over time!

If you sign up through my referral link, I get free credits to promote my music! (It’s really easy, Repost Exchange links directly to your Soundcloud profile.)

What’s New? | May 2019

Music Updates

How About hit stores on 3rd May 2019!

Available on iTunes, Spotify and other major digital outlets.

Shout-out to EmililyEDM for being the first network to promote this song!

In other news, more new music coming soon! I’m working on another remix and some more original songs. I have received a lot of feedback recently and I appreciate the input and engagement from all of you listening!

Website Updates

There is now a shop where you can buy Another Enigma merchandise, and to celebrate I am offering free shipping to all customers worldwide!

The website is undergoing continued development and there will be new features rolled out as time goes on – there are lots of changes going on in the background all to bring about a better user experience. More to come with future updates!