Serum Preset Pack – Ear Candy Presets


A collection of the Serum presets designed by Another Enigma which are used in the Ear Candy EP.

Included in this pack is 11 presets used within the EP and 6 wavetables, one crafted from each song on Ear Candy, for you to use in designing your own presets.

If you are unsure on how to add new presets you have downloaded, don’t worry – there’s a blog post for that.

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  • AESRM002
  • AESRM003
  • AESRM006
  • AESRM009
  • AESRM010
  • AESRM012
  • AESRM013
  • AESRM014
  • AESRM015
  • AESRM019
  • AESRM025


  • AESRMWT00007
  • AESRMWT00008
  • AESRMWT00009
  • AESRMWT000010
  • AESRMWT000011
  • AESRMWT000012

Delivered as .zip file.

Not for resale or redistribution.

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