Serum Preset Pack – Sharpest Edges Remix


A collection of the Serum presets designed by Another Enigma which are used in the Gallant – Sharpest Edges remix.

Included in this pack is 7 presets, there are 2 sidechained basses, 3 rhythmic pads, a synthetic harpsichord and an airy plucked synth sound.

If you are unsure on how to add new presets you have downloaded, don’t worry – there’s a blog post for that.



Delivered as .zip file.

Preset Count: 7


  • AESRM002
  • AESRM007


  • AESRM003 (Long)
  • AESRM003 (Short)
  • AESRM004


  • AESRM005


  • AESRM006

Not for resale or redistribution.

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