Weekly Free FL Studio Patcher Preset


This product is a free downloadable preset for FL Studio’s Patcher that has been designed by Another Enigma.

The preset offered is updated weekly and the content on the Giveaways page describes the presets currently available in greater detail.

For reference, any file with a code starting “PATFX” is an effect preset and a code beginning with “PATGN” is a generator preset. Make sure these files are in the correct folders.

If you are unsure on how to add new presets you have downloaded, don’t worry – there’s a blog post for that.


Download will expire 1 day after delivery as free presets for download are updated weekly. The Giveaways page will be updated to notify you of the new presets becoming available each week, or you can subscribe to our mailing list to receive e-mail updates!

Make sure to bookmark this page and check out this product regularly to get new sounds!

File is delivered as .zip file. You will need to extract the ZIP archive to access the .fst preset file.


  1. Hello I’m tryna Download your free Patcher Presets but It shows up with a error when I try to Purchase it, could you help it would be much appreciated

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