What’s New? | September 2019


I have joined Bandcamp and all my tracks are available to download at a price that you think is fair, because you set it!

If you want to pay nothing, you can, however I will collect your email address so I can keep you up to date with upcoming new releases.

Follow me on Bandcamp!

* Downloads will not be enabled on Bandcamp for any remixes for certain competitions as I am bound to the terms and conditions for participation in the specific contest.

** Free download availability is limited. Once the free download credits I have run out, the minimum price will be £0.01 or more until I purchase or earn more credits.

New Space

For anyone wondering where I have been the past few months – I’ve relocated and now set up a new dedicated work space. I’ve been investing time into workflow optimisation for music production and building the foundations of my record label, Stonelion Records.

New Content

I will be adding regularly to the site with new content, so keep coming back to check what I’m doing for my fan community!

Weekly Giveaways

You may have noticed the “Giveaways” page already. This is a weekly free stuff page! Here’s how it works…

I’ll be giving you custom presets that I have created for FL Studio’s Patcher plugin, using only stock plugins that come with the Signature Bundle.

FL Studio Patcher presets will be either an effect preset or a generator preset and will be labelled in the file name.

For all the music producers out there that also use Serum, I will be giving you a fresh new preset every week to use!

In return for giving you these useful music freebies, I want to hear what you do with these resources! Send your work to me and tell me how you made it by emailing me at: fanworks@anotherenigma.com

“How To” Blog Posts

I’ve been on my musical journey now for 22 years and although I’ve built up a deep knowledge over this time, I’m always still learning and encourage my friends, fans and community to do the same.

I’m aware that what comes naturally to one person may not to someone else, so I want to share my knowledge with my community. In these posts I will cover a wide range of music-related topics.

If there is any specific topic(s) you would like me to cover, then I want to hear from you!

Email me your suggestions at: contentrequests@anotherenigma.com

Upcoming Releases

I’m working on original music, and an EP is on the horizon. I’ll keep you all updated with the progress of this project as it develops!

I have another couple of remixes in the pipeline, one is ready pending contracts and working with this artist has been great! I’m really excited about this remix and looking forward to working with him again in the (hopefully near) future!

The other remix is in progress and for a competition. It will be released to only my socials within the next couple of weeks, and I think it’s coming together very nicely.

Special Mentions

My latest single, “How About” has been promoted on Flash Jack’s Rock And Roll Circus! You can find their video here.

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